Three Reasons Kids Need Digital Literacy and Citizenship Education

May 02, 2012
Sarah Jackson
Common Sense Media
San Francisco, CA
CATEGORIES Digital Citizenship, Digital Literacy, In the Classroom

There’s a lively discussion going on over at Beth Kanter’s blog where our Director of Education Marketing, Emily Esch, has a great post on the necessity of providing digital literacy education to today’s students. If you’re not already following Beth’s Blog, you should be. She’s the guru on how to use new media tools in the nonprofit sector, and a great source for keeping up with how to use social media for the public good, educators included.

Here’s an excerpt:

If you’re reading this blog, it’s probably because you’re a huge fan of social media and believe that it empowers all of us to connect, create, explore, and understand our world. I believe that, too, and I love working for an organization — Common Sense Media, an independent nonprofit — that’s dedicated to preparing kids to make the most of the incredible opportunities this networked culture provides us, while overcoming its potential pitfalls.

It’s all about teaching digital literacy and citizenship: the knowledge and skills necessary to think critically, behave safely, and interact responsibly in a digital world. At Common Sense, we believe these skills are as essential to thriving in the 21st century as reading and writing.

You can read the rest of the post including Emily’s three reasons why digital citizenship education matters at Beth’s Blog. We look forward to collaborating more with Beth in the future.