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25 Stellar STEAM Apps, Games, and Websites

Check out these STEAM-focused apps, games and websites.
When their forces combine, science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) are a super group of subjects essential for 21st-century learning. There are many STEAM-focused apps, games, ... Read more

Hands-On Learning Goes High-Tech

Design thinking encourages students to engage, expand, and explore.
The sounds of drilling and sawing fill the room. Students design and collaborate on the whiteboard walls while other students are creating, filming, or programming. This may not seem like your typical ... Read more
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Game-Based Learning and the NGSS

Games are the perfect platform for NGSS-style building, modeling, and experimenting.
What are the Next Generation Science Standards? There's been a push lately to develop academic standards and assessment that emphasize doing things with knowledge rather than just knowledge for knowledge's ... Read more
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