Sparkling Resources for 4th of July Learning

Celebrate the holiday with a fun, interactive history lesson.

July 01, 2015
Kira DeVaul Education Content Assistant


BBQs and fireworks definitely make the 4th of July fun, but adding in some virtual time travel kicks it up a notch. After all, young, inquiring minds want to know: Why do we gather in red, white, and blue to watch colorful explosions in the sky? These fun apps, games, and websites will answer that question and more as they teach the story of the American Revolution and the United States' fight for independence. 

For young kids, Ansel and Clair: Paul Revere's Ride is a charming app that gives kids a solid first look at the main characters and issues that led to the revolution. Older kids can turn to hip-hop songs by Flocabulary to hear the story of the American Revolution through rhymes like "winter of 1773" and "a monopoly of tea." And for visual learners, HSTRY is a great interactive for visualizing the timeline of events that led up to July 4, 1776. With this collection of tools, students can dig into diverse perspectives on the American Revolution and, as with any good summer celebration, have some fun, too.


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