Social Login on Graphite Is Here

June 18, 2014
Amy Wilson
Common Sense Media
San Francisco, United States
CATEGORIES Common Sense News

Editor's Note: This article refers to Graphite, the former name of this website.

You can now choose to register or log in and link your Graphite account with Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. By offering you the ability to register and log in using the social networks you frequent daily, we hope to make accessing Common Sense Graphite that much easier.

You may be wondering what this means for you. Read on or visit our FAQ page for the nitty-gritty. You can also access our Privacy Policy here.

Do I have to do this?
Nope. If you'd rather have a unique login and password for Graphite, you can do that. Connecting to social networks isn't required for Graphite registration or community membership and participation.

How do I link my account to Facebook, Google+, or Twitter?
New members can simply choose from the "Sign up using your social account" options -- Facebook, Google+, or Twitter. Existing members of the Graphite community can add a social account by editing their profile on Graphite. Select the My Social Networks tab to link your account to Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

What information does Graphite collect from my social network profile?
If you register for Graphite using social login, Graphite will pull your email address, first and last name, location, and profile picture. You will immediately have an opportunity to edit any of this information before saving your Graphite profile.

If you are an existing member and choose to link your profile to a social account, you won't see any changes to your current Graphite profile. However, Graphite will still have access to that information -- email address, first and last name, location, and profile pic.

Will it automatically post my Graphite activity to my social network feeds?
No. We'll never post any of your activities or content contributions on our site to your social networking accounts without your permission (for example, if you write a Field Note, we won't share this news with your social networking account or post on your Facebook page unless you give us specific permission).

What info do the social media networks collect?
If you choose to register or log in and link your account on Graphite with one of your social networking accounts, these third-party sites will gather information about your activity on Graphite that they can use to personalize your other experiences on their sites and potentially target ads to you based on the information they collect about your use of our site.

Why would I want to do this?
Using social login will make the registration process faster and easier. It's one more username and password you won't have to remember. And if you're logged in to the linked social network, you'll also already be logged in to Graphite.