Review It Before We Do

June 27, 2014
Erin Wilkey Oh Executive Editor, Education Content and Distribution
Common Sense Education


At Common Sense Education, we listen closely to our teacher community and continually work to refine what we offer in order to meet your needs. To that end, we're excited to announce two new features this week.

Share Your Teacher Take
Now, you can be the first to rate a product -- even before we do! This week, we're introducing Teacher Takes. These are product listings that haven't yet received our full editorial review, but they are available for teachers to research and review. We provide all of the wrap-around information about the product, such as which platforms it works on and what it costs. You can then be the first to add a review of the product on Common Sense Education by writing a Teacher Review. In addition, you can include these tools in your Lesson Plans. If you see a listing that has no review and you've used it with students, we encourage you to jump in and add your take by clicking on Add a Field Note. Here are some products ready for your Teacher Take: 

Don’t see the product you're looking for? Make a request HERE.

Find and Explore Modules
We know you're busy, so we're adding a new type of review that quickly gets you to the resources most relevant to your teaching. With modules, we take a deep dive into huge products, focusing our ratings and reviews on more specific content within these extensive products. Modules give you the opportunity to create App Flows that point to the exact resources you use with your students. Plus, you can share your take on the resource by writing a Field Note.
As we expand our coverage, you'll see more and more module reviews in your search results. You can view all modules for a specific product by scrolling down to the bottom of the main product review. Check out the modules for these tools: 

Do you use these modules in your teaching? Add an App Flow or Field Note today!