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Common Sense Education rolls out new videos, curriculum, and more.

September 08, 2014
Darri Stephens Senior Director, Education Content
Common Sense Education

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It's an exciting, frenetic, encouraging time of year for teachers and students alike. And we at Common Sense Education are right there with you! Over the summer, we've been hard at work putting the finishing touches on a host of new initiatives. Keep an eye out for what's new here on our blog.

Read on for sneak peek:

  • Videos: The latest student-facing video, Oversharing: Think Before You Post, created with our partner Flocabulary, is already a tween and teacher sensation. Check out a refresh of the style and content of our most popular existing videos, too: Digital Footprint, Copyright and Fair Use, and Digital Life 101.
  • iBooks: We released our K-12 digital literacy and citizenship curriculum as iBooks textbooks for FREE earlier this year. The teacher edition includes all our lesson materials and supporting training materials, and the student workbooks are rich with videos and interactive lesson worksheets.
  • YouTube: You asked, and we listened. Check out our updated YouTube library, which now includes closed-captioned videos with English subtitles for viewers with hearing impairment. What's more, YouTube allows users to switch the English closed captions to almost any language. 1. Just click on CC; 2. Switch the “Subtitles/CC” dropdown menu from “English” to “Translate captions”; and 3. Choose your language of choice.
  • Teaching with tech: Two new videos introduce teachers to the edtech models SAMR and TPACK. These models help teachers evaluate how to select and use technology for learning.
  • Professional Learning Communities: Our free Digital Citizenship professional learning community on edWeb is going strong with lively monthly webinars. In October, we’ll be launching a new edWeb community with monthly webinars, great ideas, and sound strategies for tech integration in the classroom.
  • Coming soon: On September 15, we are launching our new parent outreach program, Connecting Families. A conversation-based approach to help parents at your school understand and support their kids’ digital lives, Connecting Families promises to be a powerful way to generate positive dialogue around media use. We’ve done extensive focus group testing, and parents are really excited about this community-based program!

Thanks to you for all of your support in years past. As we continue to evolve, we’ll freshen our wardrobe from time to time and add some new items. Just recently, we unveiled Common Sense Education as part of Common Sense's new brand, a "check with a smile."

We wish you the best back-to-school transition and look forward to an amazing 2014-2015 school year!

"student_ipad_school - 199" by Brad Flickinger. Used under a CC BY 2.0 license.