Playing with Simple Machines: A Science Lesson Plan

May 15, 2014
CATEGORIES In the Classroom, Technology Integration

Common Sense Lesson Plan (formerly known as "App Flow") is an interactive framework tool that enables teachers to seamlessly flow apps, websites, and games throughout lessons. Starting with the familiar five-part lesson plan, a Common Sense Lesson Plan provides scaffolding to think with purpose about where, why, and how to integrate digital tools for learning into the curriculum.

The GIF below illustrates Playing with Simple Machines: A Science Lesson Plan. In this Lesson Plan, students

  • Use Popplet to consider a problem that can be solved with a simple or compound machine.
  • Watch a video of a Rube Goldberg machine on Design Squad Nation.
  • Work in groups to build a Rube Goldberg machine that performs a task.
  • Create a tutorial using Educreations Interactive Whiteboard on how and why the group's machine worked.
  • Extend the learning at home by solving contraption-building puzzles with the Rube Works app.

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