New Year, New Start: Bring Common Sense to Your Classroom

Check out the offerings from Common Sense Education, and try something new in 2015!

January 30, 2015
Darri Stephens Senior Director, Education Content
Common Sense Education

CATEGORIES Common Sense Resources, Digital Citizenship, In the Classroom

I remember, as a classroom teacher, always loving the end of January. With the holiday craze over, kids came back familiar and comfortable with my classroom procedures, protocols, and expectations, and we all would be ready to kick off the second half, Part 2, of the school year. We’d clean out our desks, dive into new units, and off we’d go!

I know part of my New Year’s resolutions always included taking a second look at my long-term teaching plans for the winter and spring semesters. To that end, I’d like to suggest trying something new from Common Sense Education in this latter half of 2015. Over the past two years, we’ve added many new products and programs. So here’s a menu of sorts, as many of our offerings work together:


Check Out Our PD –- If you’re not yet familiar with our curriculum, take our training (and earn a one-hour continuing education certificate!) to better understand how to integrate our lessons into your teaching plans.



Digital Literacy & Citizenship Curriculum –- Teach a unit! Each unit (in PDF or via iBooks) is comprised of just five 45-minute lessons per grade. And when you’re done, your kids can take our unit interactive assessment.



Digital Passport –- Use this suite of five games for grades 3-5 to introduce the fundamental issues of digital citizenship before a unit’s lessons or in conjunction with the corresponding unit for a blended learning approach.



Digital Compass –- Coming in April 2015 is our new choose-your-own-adventure, animated interactive for grades 6-9. Your students can explore and experiment with good and not-so-good decision-making in the digital world. Digital Compass will be available for iOS and Android, and through Edmodo.



Digital Bytes –- Invite teens to tackle real-world dilemmas through media-rich activities based on digital citizenship topics. Each “byte” promotes project-based learning in a blended learning environment (teach a lesson + try a byte!).



Graphite (Note: Graphite is the former name of this website) – Try one of the 1,000 tech-rich App Flows (soon to be renamed Lesson Flows). Feel inspired? Create your own using our turnkey interactive template.



If you’re a superstar educator who’s already an expert with our resources, then check out our Certified Educator Programs. You should be recognized for your hard work! And we know how busy your days are. So if your winter is already in full swing, keep us in mind this spring -– our rich content and activities are perfect for the spring testing window.

Photo: "School" by Krzysztof Pacholak. Used under a CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license.