New Topics for Digital Bytes

Eight new "bytes" help teens reflect on media portrayals of gender, news literacy, and more.

May 29, 2015
Brisa Ayub Senior Content Producer
Common Sense Education
Common Sense Media
San Francisco, United States
CATEGORIES Common Sense Resources, Digital Citizenship, Digital Literacy, Students

Digital Bytes teaches teens digital citizenship through student-directed, media-rich activities that tackle real-world dilemmas.

Since Digital Bytes launched, we've been eager to expand our menu of topics, or "Bytes," to add depth and breadth to this valuable learning resource for teens. Great news! We've got eight new Bytes! Here's a look at the new topics:

Digital Balance

Teens are pulled in lots of directions every day, and it's often hard to reflect on balancing all those demands -- especially when it comes to digital media. This Byte promotes reflection on digital addiction and encourages teens to explore what we might be giving up to be constantly pulled in.

The Obsession of "Likes"

We wanted to explore our society’s obsession over "likes" by diving deeper into trends like the "100 Club" and this fixation on getting as many "likes" as possible. We ask teens to reflect on what happens when they or their peers constantly seek out a positive response to what they share online.

Instafame in the Digital World

This Byte examines the concept of "instafame," a notion created and defined by the "like" generation. Teens look to surface the pros and cons that come along with overnight stardom on the digital stage.

Digital Language

Do you know what LOL means? What about OMG? Are texting and emoticons the death of the English language? We ask teens to explore how texting can offer a new form of language and the impact this new language has in communicating with others.

Digital News Literacy

The traditional form of consuming news is no longer relevant, so how do today's teens get their news, and how do they determine its credibility? Teens dig into news literacy and reflect on the credibility of new channels of information.

Data Collection

With all the data we give out knowingly and unknowingly, it’s important to take some time to reflect on what that data says about us and consider how that data is being used. This Byte looks at data collection, where it comes from, what happens with it, and what teens are giving up willingly and unwillingly.

Marketing Literacy

With product placement embedded into almost every form of media, and ads practically everywhere you turn, it's critical that teens learn how to be active -- not passive -- consumers. This Byte helps teens uncover and examine both subtle and not-so-subtle forms of advertising.

Digital Gender

Our last Byte puts a spotlight on the complex messages the media communicates about gender. Teens explore how those messages impact their own perception of themselves and their gender identities.

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