New Online Courses for Teachers and Administrators Responsible for E-Rate & CIPA Compliance

April 15, 2013
Kelsey Herron
Common Sense Media
San Francisco, United States
CATEGORIES Common Sense Resources, Digital Citizenship, Policy, Professional Development

The Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal Service Administrative Company, better known as “E-rate,” can be tricky for educators and administrators to navigate. Receiving government assistance through the program requires some serious paperwork and compliance with strict regulations.

That’s why we created a suite of online courses that can help make the process easier for you and your school. You may be familiar with our E-rate toolkit, which includes an implementation guide and a checklist for administrators, among other helpful digital resources.  Now, Knowledge Delivery Systems (KDS) is working with us to deliver this information and more to you through online courses for educators implementing programs that are compliant with E-rate and the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

In case you need a refresher, E-rate was designed by the Federal Communications Commission to help make it easier for schools to teach 21st-century skills and help create healthy relationships between students and technology. Through the program, schools and libraries can apply for significant discounts on internet access and other digital devices. However, as of July 2012, all schools receiving E-rate assistance must also provide education on appropriate online behavior, including social media use and cyberbullying awareness.

Our new courses will help you through every step of the process, from implementing a curriculum that is compliant with E-rate standards to creating a well-documented paper trail for districts that need to demonstrate their compliance with program requirements to the federal government.

The suite includes a 60-minute implementation overview and guide for administrators, as well as three 90-minute grade-specific courses based on our digital literacy and citizenship curriculum. More specifically, they will help address topics like internet safety, appropriate online behavior and use of social media sites, and cyberbullying awareness and response with your students.

In order to take a holistic approach to complying with E-rate in the classroom, each of the three courses contains the following four subunits:

  • Introduction to CIPA, E-rate, course goals, and expectations
  • Overview of the children’s media landscape
  • Teaching digital citizenship with our toolkit on E-rate and CIPA
  • Verification and reflection

Each unit also has its own set of learning objectives, and participants must meet all requirements for course completion. Learn more here.