New & Noteworthy Apps and Websites - January 14

January 14, 2014
Ellen Holderman
Common Sense Education

CATEGORIES In the Classroom, Technology Integration, Tools

Every Tuesday, we spotlight products that have just been reviewed and have earned a 4- or 5-star editorial rating. This week's list brings us an engaging math practice app, a scavenger hunt app that fosters problem solving, a fun app that helps young learners work on their handwriting, and a game that looks that poverty to build empathy.

We invite you to add your voice to the conversation. Do you use one of these products in your classroom? Consider writing a Field Note to let other educators see how you integrate these tools into your lesson planning. For tips on writing a great Field Note, check out this step-by-step blog post.


Mystery Math Museum
Kids can learn addition, subtraction, and multiplication as well as algebraic thinking as they solve reverse math problems. Kids see the answer and the operation along with a variety of numbers, and they choose which numbers get their answer. Read full review.

Alien Assignment
Alien Assignment is a scavenger hunt that empowers kids to interpret assignments themselves. Alien Assignment is innovative and encourages kids to interact socially. The missions do repeat after a few rounds of play, so this isn't a tool that could be used every day. Read full review.

iTrace Handwriting for Kids
iTrace - handwriting for kids is an early handwriting skills app that provides kids with lots of tracing practice with letters, numbers, words, and a special mode that focuses practice on tracing a kid's own name. iTrace - handwriting for kids provides lots of tracing exercises to help kids get familiar with letter formation.Read full review.

Spent is kinda like a jazzed up, text-based, choose your own adventure, but with a powerful message about social justice. Players are thrown into the tough -- often impossible -- life of someone living on the poverty line; they choose a job, get a set income, and must make choices based on events that pop up. Read full review.