New & Noteworthy Apps and Websites - December 10

December 10, 2013
Ellen Holderman
Common Sense Education

CATEGORIES In the Classroom, Technology Integration, Tools

Every Tuesday, we spotlight products that have recently been reviewed and have earned a 4- or 5-star rating. This week's list brings us a U.S. geography interactive app, a puzzle game that challenges kids' ELA and math skills, an online plagiarism detector and grading system, and a fun vocabulary app.

We invite you to add your voice to the conversation. Do you use one of these products in your classroom? Consider writing a Field Note to let other educators learn how you integrate these tools into your lesson planning. For tips on writing a great Field Note, check out this step-by-step blog post.


U.S. Geography by MindSnacks
Kids can reinforce and expand their knowledge of U.S. geography and state cultural trivia with U.S. Geography by MindSnacks. The brief factsheet style lessons about each state can help kids review what they already know and fill in informational gaps before playing the eight games. Read full review.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village
Players take on the role of the famous Professor Layton and his apprentice Luke, who have been called to the mysterious village of St. Mystere to unravel the mystery of the Golden Apple, a puzzle left by the town’s baron to decide who will inherit his fortune. Players use the Nintendo DS touch screen to interact with objects in and around St. Mystere. Read full review.

Available through school-wide subscription, Turnitin is an online plagiarism detector, as well as an electronic grading and feedback system for students' writing assignments. As teachers create assignments, students submit files from a computer or a cloud-based service like DropBox or Google Drive. Read full review.

World's Worst Pet - Vocabulary
Students follow the story of Snargg, possibly the world's worst pet, as they attempt to get him home. In order to get him there, they must complete a series of vocabulary challenges and watch Snargg get into various antics. Read full review.