New & Noteworthy Apps and Websites - Dec 24

December 24, 2013
Ellen Holderman
Common Sense Education

CATEGORIES In the Classroom, Technology Integration, Tools

Every Tuesday, we spotlight products that have just been reviewed and have earned a 4- or 5-star editorial rating. This week's list brings us a dinosaur geology and science app, an app that introduces Spanish vocabulary, a cooking game that incorporates math skills, and a website that connects students around the world to collaborate and share.

We invite you to add your voice to the conversation. Do you use one of these products in your classroom? Consider writing a Field Note to let other educators see how you integrate these tools into your lesson planning. For tips on writing a great Field Note, check out this step-by-step blog post.


Ansel and Clair Jurassic Dinosaurs
Ansel & Clair: Jurassic Dinosaurs is one of three apps in an educational series featuring the largest animals to ever swim, fly, and walk on Earth. This trilogy combines geography, history, science, and geology lessons in interactive, engaging ways that will quickly become a favorite of dinosaur-loving kids. Read full review.

Little Pim Spanish
Little Pim Spanish introduces Spanish vocabulary with quick, fun games and encourages the practical use of new language skills. The noun-verb-phrase approach gives kids the tools they need to use meaningful and complete phrases, even early on. Read full review.

Leapfrog Explorer Learning Game: Cooking Recipes on the Road
Cooking and math naturally go hand in hand, so this game presents a great way for kids to experience real-world math. The math skills start easy and ramp up to some serious number-crunching. Read full review.

ePals is a website that connects K-12 classrooms in more than 200 countries to share content and ideas and collaborate on projects. Teachers create a profile with a brief description about who they’re hoping to connect with and why -- such as a third-grade class that would like to meet French-speaking students to collaborate on a global green living project. Read full review.