New & Noteworthy Apps and Websites - April 1

April 01, 2014
Ellen Holderman
Common Sense Education


Every Tuesday, we spotlight newly reviewed products that received a 4 or 5 editorial rating. Since we're focused this month on Science and Special Education, we wanted to be sure to spotlight products that focus on these themes. This week's list of apps, games, and sites includes a citizen science website that inspires budding astronomers, an engaging game that teaches basic biology, an app that lets young explorers discover the ocean through puzzles and games, and a disaster game that offers environmental and geological lessons and activities. 

We invite you to add your voice to the conversation. Do you use one of these products in your classroom? Consider writing a Field Note to let other educators see how you integrate these tools into your lesson planning. For tips on writing a great Field Note, check out this step-by-step blog post.


Galaxy Zoo
Zooniverse is an online database of citizen science projects, and Galaxy Zoo is one of these efforts. In Galaxy Zoo, users collect data based around astronomy research questions -- students can help analyze and classify images of actual galaxies that scientists use in their work. Read full review.

Cell Command
From the basic instructions to the ancillary resources, Cell Command provides enough information to keep even the most curious minds intrigued. At higher levels, students are introduced to various cells around the body and their individual functions. Read full review.

Marcopolo Ocean
Kids can learn about ocean ecosystems, marine mammals, plants, and fish, as well as boats and submarines. As they explore the ocean ecosystems and what lives there through puzzles and free play, kids learn topic-specific vocabulary such as fish body parts, parts of a ship, and aquatic animal behavior. Read full review.

LeapFrog Explorer Learning Game: Transformers Rescue Bots: Race to the Rescue
Transformers Rescue Bots: Race to the Rescue teaches kids about natural phenomena such as heavy rain, earthquakes, volcanos, tornados, and lightning. Each of the seven levels focuses on a different natural disaster and kids help Cody and the Rescue Bots save townspeople, minimize damage, and stop the villain who's behind it all. Read full review.