May Is Maker Month!

May 01, 2014
Amy Wilson
Common Sense Media
San Francisco, United States

Editor's Note: This article refers to Graphite, the former name of this website.

For May, we celebrate the power of makers with the themes of media making and DIY. We'll be featuring great tools for creating presentations, videos, and podcasts, as well as articles about best practices for student self-publishing, remix, and tutorial making. 

Later in the month, we'll host an Appy Hour all about Mozilla Popcorn Maker and our Friday Top Picks Lists will each center on a different media-making and DIY theme. 

Looking for great media-making and DIY apps, games, and websites? 

Here are a few we'll be highlighting this month: DIY, Tinkerbox, Make: Online, Prezi, GarageBand, Youth Voices, Animoto, Edublog, and many more!

Want to get in on the action?

Write a Field Note about your favorite app, game, or website that supports student creation and then submit it here. We just might feature it in our end-of-the-month roundup. You could also curate a great set of tools for a media making- or DIY-themed Board and submit that here. A randomly chosen submission from all qualifying boards* will be chosen to win a Graphite T-shirt!

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*Qualifying boards have at least four items pinned to them and are thoughtfully selected to reflect your chosen theme. You can pin product reviews, Field Notes, blog posts, Top Picks Lists, and App Flows to boards!