July Is About Gaming: Fun Ways to Learn Through Play

July 02, 2014
Erin Wilkey Oh Executive Editor, Education Content and Distribution
Common Sense Education


As students explore the vast informal learning opportunities of summer break, and teachers study up for next school year, we shift our focus to game- and play-based learning as well as great teacher tools. This month, newly reviewed products include an app for designing your own games, fantastic sites for formative assessment, and a game that helps kids build decision-making skills.

Be sure to check out our syndication of MindShift's Guide to Games and Learning each Thursday. And throughout the month, look for blog posts and Friday Top Picks lists centered on co-play, grit, classroom management, prep and planning, parent outreach, and more.

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"Game On" by Krissy Venosdale. Used under a CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license.