Join a Global Campaign on The Science of Character

Character Day is March 20th. Screen the new 8-minute film at your school.

February 20, 2014
Tiffany Shlain
Mother, Emmy-nominated filmmaker, and founder of The Webby Awards

CATEGORIES Digital Citizenship, Digital Literacy

As a student of life and a parent of two, I find it empowering to learn about the scientific research that supports beliefs I’ve always held intuitively. One such belief is that if I celebrate my children’s strengths (and my own for that matter), long-term happiness and wellbeing will result. And I’ve always believed that if we want to develop new strengths, we can. It just takes focus, practice and encouragement.

My new 8-minute film, The Science of Character explores these beliefs and the science that supports them. I invite you to be a part of its global film premiere on March 20th. The film was made collaboratively with people who submitted videos from all over the world to the cloud. My team and I call it “Cloud Filmmaking,” and now we are inviting you to participate in this project by screening the film and discussing it with students on March 20th, a day we’re calling #CharacterDay. We’ve created free curriculum and discussion tools to help you get the conversation started.

In addition to the tools created by The Science of Character team, Common Sense Media has curated lists of films, books, apps and games organized by the 24 character strengths (see poster below). These lists will be available on the website in advance of #CharacterDay. There are literally hundreds of media titles that provide examples of these character traits, bringing them to life for students of all ages.

The main goal of #CharacterDay and the film, The Science of Character, is to inspire viewers around the world by advising them that they can shape who they are, and that they can play a role in helping to shape the character of others as well. There are hundreds of screenings scheduled for March 20th already – from every school in the Los Angeles Unified School District to State Department screenings at U.S. embassies in Egypt, South Africa. There is even a screening planned at the South Pole.

To screen the film at your school, visit and sign up (it’s free and takes just two minutes). We will provide free customized versions of the 8-min film with your school or organization’s name and logo at the end to the first 250 schools to sign up.