How Games Lead Kids to the Good Stuff: Understanding Context

June 19, 2014
Jordan Shapiro
Instructor, Administrator, Tech Coordinator
Project Learn School
Philadelphia, PA
CATEGORIES In the Classroom

With game-based learning, students learn how to solve the problems in context. They understand how the equations they are solving fit into the world. The question, “Why do I need to know this?” is rendered obsolete. It is more than just subject matter, more than just content. There’s context. Students understand how integer partitions work within a system.
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Kathy G.
Classroom teacher
Lancaster High School
Lancaster, NY

I would love to incorporate more games into my classroom. I know alot of my students are on their systems at home playing when they should be studying :) Are there any games you could suggest for the chemistry classroom?

Tanner Higgin
Common Sense Education

Hi Kathy,

Chemistry has been a tough nut to crack in terms of game-based learning, but we've seen some early efforts in the puzzle genre. Take a look at these which we've reviewed on Graphite:

And I would keep an eye on this currently in-development game: