Go Globe-Trotting with These 10 Tools

October 07, 2014
Kira DeVaul Education Content Assistant

CATEGORIES In the Classroom, Out-of-School Learning, Tools

What is the capital of Spain? Where is the Bering Sea? Which is the largest ocean? Sure, a geography textbook or fold-out map can provide the answers, but will they prompt students to go further, dig deeper, and explore more about the world in which they live? That’s where these 10 apps, games, and websites really deliver. Whether it’s flags, capitals, cultures, landmarks, natural landscapes, or fun facts, these tools cover a vast range of topics for elementary-level explorers.

To get them started, apps like Intro to Geography - North America by Montessorium and Barefoot World Atlas will cover the basics like names, shapes, and locations. They also offer interactive elements like puzzle maps and animated 3-D globes to spin and zoom. Once kids are hooked, use National Geographic Kids or Geography by Kids Discover to find more in-depth stories about the people and wildlife within the places on the map. And to keep the momentum going, games like LeapFrog Explorer: Earth Adventures and Stack the Countries mix facts with fun to get kids excited about geography. They’ll be counting down the days (years?) until they can jet off on their own!

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Photo: "World Grunge Map" by Nicolas Raymond. Used under Creative Commons License CC BY 2.0.