Explore How the Earth Works with These 14 Apps, Games, and Websites

Check out this list of digital tools to develop some out-of-this-world Earth science lessons.

September 15, 2015
Kira DeVaul Education Content Assistant


Using kids' natural propensity to ask "why?," Earth science brings them up close and personal with the planet on which they live. The tools we're highlighting this week are full of resources and activities to boost your lessons and inspire your students to learn more about the beautiful, complex place we call home.

Comprehensive tools like Google Earth, NOVA, and National Geographic Education offer high-quality resources with endless classroom applications. And tools like Stop Disasters and Marco Polo Weather put kids in the driver's seat to get them making decisions about the environment and how they affect the Earth as a whole. Encompassing a wide range of terrestrial topics, check out this list of digital tools to develop some out-of-this-world Earth science lessons.

Our Complete List of Earth Science Top Picks