"Digital Is" Builds a Community for Educators

July 26, 2012
Kelsey Herron
Common Sense Media
San Francisco, United States
CATEGORIES Professional Development, Tools

We were excited to see our new Learning Ratings initiative featured by the National Writing Project on their site Digital Is, an online resource for educators to share their thoughts and collaborate on ways to use new digital media in the classroom.

In case you missed it, the initiative is our new way of evaluating what apps, websites, and games have the most learning potential. Digital Is blogger Erin Wilkey called the Learning Ratings Initiative “a fantastic resource for educators.”

Well, we can wholeheartedly return the favor because Digital Is is a fantastic resource for educators as well.

Digital Is defines itself as an “emerging knowledge-base created and curated by its community of members,” as well as a forum for educators to discuss resources and reflect on what it means to teach writing in a time of digital interconnectivity. In other words, it’s a spot for innovative teachers who love thinking about how writing and literacy are enhanced and challenged by digital media today and who equally love learning from other pioneers working on the frontier of what could be an exciting new chapter (pardon the pun) in literature and writing.

The site also focuses on three key areas:

  • Art/Craft: “What are we learning about the art and craft of digital writing?”
  • Teach/Learn: “What are we learning about the teaching and learning of digital writing?”
  • Provocations: “What ideas provoke us to think in new ways about education and culture in the digital age?”

The Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning blog has also recommended the site in the past as an exemplary place for educators to disseminate resources on teaching and writing, as well as other media literacies.

If you’re an educator and you’d like to contribute to Digital Is, or become a member of their growing community, get involved by commenting on discussions or start your own; adding new blog posts; or requesting to be a resource creator of the site. Resource creators not only publish new content and get constructive feedback, but they add sets of resources to the site as well. The only stipulation is that all content and resource collections must relate with one of the three key topics of Digital Is. Find out more here.