Digital Citizenship Week: Five Days of Fresh Ideas

October 16, 2014
Michelle van Kriedt
Foundation/nonprofit member

CATEGORIES Digital Citizenship

Frequent use of digital tools generates an equally high volume of ethical choices. Along the way, every action taken hardens into a new tile in a personal, permanent mosaic -- known as a digital footprint.

We believe this pattern of frequency and the increasing gravity of the outcomes calls for bigger action. As part of this year’s Digital Citizenship Week, we have a new goal: bring educators together to learn new ways to teach digital citizenship.

Excitement continues to grow. In addition to our resources, explore the Connected Educator Month 2014 Calendar for inspiration, and see some super ideas from classroom teachers around the nation:

  • In Grand Island, Nebraska, the Northwest Public Schools' elementary school theme is “Be Nice on Your Device.” Each K-5 class will create a slogan for digital citizenship related to the theme, and students will decorate their door/wall with their slogan.
  • In Los Angeles, many teachers within LAUSD are pledging to teach five lessons over the course of Digital Citizenship Week. The five lessons in five days will cover Safety/Privacy; Password Creation; Cyberbullying; Information Literacy; and Digital Footprint.
  • Teachers and parents at Marina Middle School, part of the San Francisco Unified School District, are working to make sure that “digital drama” is understood and addressed. Our Digital Glossary helps explain acronyms like FTW, behaviors like sub-tweeting, and verbs like "snapped."

At Common Sense Education, our two-way communication with educators around the globe continues to inform the development of our curriculum and ensures that lessons are relevant and meaningful to kids. From cyberbullying and online privacy to digital footprints and creative credit and copyright -- we remain committed to bringing teachers and schools new ways to teach digital citizenship throughout the year.

Are you ready to take the plunge into digital citizenship? Join the conversation on Twitter at #DigCitWeek.