Common Sense Media Partners with CUE on Professional Development for Digital Citizenship

January 19, 2012
Audrey Stokes Product Manager, Education
Common Sense Media
San Francisco, United States
CATEGORIES Common Sense Resources, Digital Citizenship, Digital Literacy, Professional Development

Exciting news! We've partnered with Computer-Using Educators (CUE) to expand our professional development program on digital literacy and citizenship. CUE, a California-based non-profit that provides leadership and support to advance student achievement in the educational technology community, will power Common Sense Media’s training for teachers and educators through CUEtoYOU, a professional development program whose dynamic “lead learners” in K-12 and higher education hold workshops and in-person trainings for educators around issues of digital media technologies. This partnership will allow thousands of teachers around the world to access in-person training and professional development tools for teaching digital literacy and citizenship in their classrooms.

“We’ve seen through our work with both teachers and administrators that there is an increasing demand for on-the-ground training on how to teach the key issues facing students in a 21st century world,” said Rebecca Randall, vice president of education programs, Common Sense Media. “The CUEtoYOU program is a natural fit for Common Sense Media as we endeavor to reach as many teachers as possible with the curriculum and training they need teach their students to be good digital citizens.”

“CUE thrives on providing training and resources to educators across the globe,” said Mike Lawrence, executive director, CUE. “This partnership with Common Sense Media greatly enhances our ability to be a leader in the area of digital citizenship, and we’re thrilled to expand the great work of Common Sense Media to educators across the country.”

CUE will facilitate workshops for interested schools and districts designed specifically to help teachers and administrators understand the basics of teaching and implementing Common Sense Media’s K-12 curriculum. Each hands-on workshop will walk participants through the use of the curriculum and the corresponding parent media education program, provide resources and "take-aways" allowing for immediate implementation, and offer thorough training in the lessons and interactive features of the curriculum.

CUEtoYOU trainings on Common Sense Media’s digital literacy and citizenship curriculum will be available for interested schools and districts starting mid-March 2012. For more information about the trainings or to schedule a workshop, please visit

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