Common Sense Education Resources from ISTE 2015

Use this handy reference to access all the great tools and tips from Common Sense sessions at ISTE 2015.

July 02, 2015
Erin Wilkey Oh Executive Editor, Education Content and Distribution
Common Sense Education

CATEGORIES Common Sense Resources, Digital Citizenship, Technology Integration, Tools

Whew! What a trip! The Common Sense Education team just returned from a fabulous four days at the ISTE Conference in Philadelphia. It was great to connect with the thousands of educators who came by our booth, attended our sessions, and entertained us with their impressive karaoke skills. We were thrilled to catch up with long-time users of Common Sense resources as well as introduce our work to many more of you.

In the Common Sense Education meeting rooms, we offered two full days of 15-minute lightning sessions. Common Sense team members and certified educators presented on a range of practical and engaging ways to use specific technology tools for learning as well as our latest and greatest digital citizenship offerings. 

If your collection of notes, flyers, business cards, and phone photos looks anything like mine, it might take a while to process all the great new ideas and tools you heard about during the conference. For a quick reference -- and for those of you #NotAtISTE who want to share in the learning -- here's a quick summary of our lightning sessions with links to the tools and resources each session covered.

Digital Passport: Digital Safety for Elementary School Kids 
Teach third- through fifth-graders the basics of digital safety, respect, and community with Digital Passport, an online/mobile game with teacher dashboard and wrap-around activities.

Choose Your Own Online Path: Building Digital Citizenship Skills with Digital Compass
New! Digital Compass, available online or as an app, helps students in grades 6-9 practice decision-making and perspective-taking in digital dilemmas. Students explore making decisions in stories where they can choose their own path. Learn how to use this new student-guided interactive with students.

Digital Bytes: A Project-Based Approach to Digital Literacy 
Spark teens’ interest in digital citizenship through an inquiry-based, project-based learning program with Digital Bytes. Students analyze current issues, exploring what it means to be a digital citizen in today's world. Great for informal learning and for student-directed and after-school settings.

A+ Tools for K-5 Common Core Reading Comprehension

Looking for great tools to support instruction for K-5 reading comprehension? Learn how to help your students boost their reading skills with resources like Lightsail, ReadWorks, and StudySync.

Adventures in Digital Storytelling: Apps That Get ELLs Talking
Looking for great tools to help get your ELLs talking and socializing? Learn how to use digital creation tools like Shadow Puppet Edu, Kid in Story Book Maker, and Toontastic to encourage social storytelling. 

Best Critical Reading Tools for Middle/High School ELA
Looking to support your students' close reading skills? Learn how to use the features in Newsela, ThinkCERCA, and Actively Learn to empower students with the critical reading and thinking skills they'll need to thrive as 21st-century citizens.

Awesome Digital Tools for K-8 Common Core Math

Looking for great tools to support K-8 Common Core math instruction? Learn how to bring wacky fun to geometry lessons with The Land of Venn; how to personalize math practice and assessment with Front Row; and offer adaptive learning opportunities with Think Through Math.

Build 21st-Century Skills with CCSS-Aligned Middle/High School Math Tools
On the hunt for effective math tools that boost 21st-century skills? Hear how you can use Get the Math and Mathalicious to encourage critical thinking through real-life problem solving. And learn how to use CueThink to make math collaborative and social.

Best Middle and High School Science Games for NGSS
The Next Generation Science Standards' focus on experimentation is tailor-made for game-based learning. But what games are good for classrooms? Look no further than The Radix Endeavor, Possible Worlds, and SimCityEDU. Best practices and practical examples for using all three tools will be shared. 

Best Tools to Spark Scientific Inquiry with NGSS for Elementary School
The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) offer an exciting opportunity for teachers to push students' curiosity and critical thinking. Come learn about three tools for elementary students -- Curiosity Machine, Classify It!, and Smithsonian Quests -- that foreground these skills.

Amazing Tools for Energizing PBL in Middle and High School
Let students take control of learning with three tools designed to drive project-based learning (PBL). Hear use cases for WeLearnedIt, an app for organizing and administrating student projects; Educurious, expert-authored PBL lessons; and ProjectEd, creative contests that challenge students to make videos.

Blended Learning with Digital Formative Assessment Tools
By embedding digital formative assessment tools in a blended learning environment, teachers can reach their students anywhere, anytime, gain instant feed back, address misconceptions, and support both enrichment and intervention. Learn use cases for three tools: Blendspace, Socrative, and GoFormative. 

Free Flipped Learning Tools You'll Love
Looking to flip your classroom, or just looking for the latest and greatest? Come see some free, highly rated tools that turn videos into fantastic lessons for flipped classrooms, including TouchCast, EdPuzzle, and AndroVid.

Amazing Resources for Kids with Special Needs
Looking for new ways to use edtech with students with special needs? Come learn how to use Bookshare for students with print disabilities; find out how FTVS can help kids build executive function; and explore the ways Goalbook Toolkit makes IEP writing and 504 planning manageable.

Best Apps for Building Social Skills and Emotional Intelligence
Learn how to help students develop key SEL skills with these great apps. We'll share best practices for how students can practice self-awareness with Bouncy the People Trainer's You Can Learn; build empathy with If…The Emotional IQ Game; and analyze and track their moods with Mood Meter.

A New Approach to PD
Want to build your confidence and skills in edtech? Get a sneak peek at Common Sense Education's newest PD offering, "Teaching with Tech." Learn at your own pace through bite-sized lessons with engaging videos, teaching tips, and recommended tools to elevate your practice.

Which were your favorite sessions this year? Let us know in the comments below!