Bye Bye Bullying - San Francisco Unified School District Students Tell Their Stories

October 04, 2013
CATEGORIES Common Sense News, Common Sense Resources, Digital Citizenship

Pictured L to R: Merve Lapus, Common Sense Media, George Gascón, District Attorney, City of San Francisco, Kevin Truitt, Associate Superintendent, San Francisco Unified School District, Deangelo Garrett, 2012 Bye Bye Bullying Contest Winner.


October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. Yesterday, District Attorney George Gascón, along with Kevin Truitt from the San Francisco Unified School District, and Merve Lapus from Common Sense Media, launched “Bye Bye Bullying”, a video contest for San Francisco middle and high school students.

Building on last year’s inaugural video contest, the District Attorney is calling upon students to get creative and make a 60 second video about cyberbullying based on three key questions: what is it, what are the effects, and what can you do to prevent it? Bye Bye Bullying, says DA Gascon "inspires kids to be thoughtful and creative about addressing cyberbullying and encourages them to be part of the solution."

Common Sense Media, along with community partners and industry leaders like Facebook and Twitter, are supporting this effort. Throughout October and all year long, it's our mission to empower students wherever they are to live their best online life.

This year's contest winners will be announced at an event in December. Last year's fan favorite for the 2012 Bye Bye Bullying contest, Deangelo Garrett, was on hand to help launch this year's event.

As an educator who is engaged with Common Sense Media's resources, you know that maximizing the potential of the digital world, and minimizing the perils like cyberbullying start with teaching kids about respect and responsibility, and building key skills like empathy. And it's never too young to start.

The statistics tell us that 9 out of 10 students who witness bullying and cyberbullying don't step in to stop it. This month and throughout the school year, let us help your students find their voice and join their peers in standing up against cyberbullying.