Best Practices: Skowhegan Area Middle School (Maine)

May 06, 2011
Audrey Stokes Product Manager, Education
Common Sense Media
San Francisco, United States
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Laura Richter, a 7th Grade Technology Integrationist at Skowhegan Area Middle School, is an educator with a passion for technology and learning. Laura recognizes the importance of teaching students about Digital Citizenship, which is why she utilizes Common Sense Media’s Digital Literacy and Citizenship curriculum to help integrate technology into Skowhegan Middle School’s 7th grade education.  “Our job as teachers,” says Laura, “is to guide [students] because parents do not know how to do this.”

Here are three tools Laura is using in her classroom to enhance Common Sense Media’s Curriculum:


Laura uses the NoteShare desktop application to help organize the curriculum’s lesson.  Then, she gives each student a digital copy of the handouts so it eliminates the need for making copies and using paper.  In addition to this, Laura taught her students how to create, annotate, and save PDFs.   Therefore, students can answer questions electronically on the PDFs, making it easy to take home to their parents.


Studywiz is an online learning environment that enables Laura and the content area teachers to connect and showcase material the students create through their Digital Citizenship curriculum.

Comic Life:

Laura regularly uses programs such as Comic Life to let students create and internalize unit lessons.  For example, Laura taught students how to import photos into Comic Life and create dialogue boxes to create stories about inappropriate online behavior.

Have you utilized any digital tools in your classroom to help you enhance Common Sense Media’s Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum?  Please share, we’d love to hear your ideas!


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