Best EdTech Websites of 2014

Check out these great edtech tools to integrate technology in the classroom.

December 25, 2014
Jeff Knutson Senior Producer and Content Strategist
Common Sense Education


It's been a busy year here at the Common Sense Education Websites desk! Throughout 2014, we rated and reviewed hundreds of websites for their learning potential, using our research-backed rubric and rigorous process of evaluation. Because it was just too hard to pick only 10, here are 14 fantastic edtech websites we reviewed this year. How about that -- 14 for 2014!

big history project websiteBig History Project

This forward-thinking curriculum blends history, the humanities, critical thinking, and science for a fascinating look at life’s bigger questions. In thoughtful and innovative ways, the program offers teachers and students new and unique ways to build an understanding of our world.



curriculet websiteCurriculet - This product is no longer available.

This elegant reading tool promotes comprehension with embedded assessments that are easy to use. Teachers can also upload their own texts and set up CCSS-aligned checkpoints.




dragonbox edu websiteDragonBox EDU - This product is no longer available.

Essentially a Web-based version of the innovative app, DragonBox EDU helps kids build a strong foundation for algebraic thinking and learning. And this Web version takes it all a step further with teacher tools and resources for seamless classroom integration. 



edpuzzle websiteEdPuzzle

This powerful video-editing tool allows teachers and students to crop, customize, remix, and enhance online videos. What's more, it's great for both in-class and flipped-class instruction.



face history and ourselves websiteFacing History and Ourselves

These outstanding teaching materials empower students to understand and address difficult ethical choices -- past and present. The site's wealth of resources helps students explore issues of racism, prejudice, and anti-Semitism.



geddit websiteGeddit - This product is no longer available.

In comparison to the many student-response tools available, Geddit has the most potential to boost kids' higher-order thinking and learning skills. The clever confidence-rating scale helps teachers put valuable data into action.



newsela websiteNewsela

Meet your students right at their level with this unique tool that offers variable reading levels for every text. The wide variety of up-to-date, absorbing news articles is sure to engage.




readworks websiteReadWorks

Part teacher's guide and part resource library, this is an ELA teacher’s one-stop shop for reading comprehension resources. Targeted reading instruction starts here with high-quality texts, lesson plans, and assessments.



teaching channel websiteTeaching Channel

Watch great teachers in action and discuss what makes their lessons work with this platform for digital PD. As a video library of actual classroom teaching, the site offers opportunities for professional educators to watch, share, and improve their craft.



teaching tolerance websiteTeaching Tolerance

An invaluable resource for teachers, the site's offerings also help students find concrete ways to reduce prejudice and encourage tolerance in their schools, as well as within society as a whole.



teaching cerca websiteThinkCERCA

Buoyed by high-interest texts and a clear approach to writing instruction, this program supports students' growth as critical thinkers. Beyond being a solid, CCSS-aligned reading and writing platform, the site serves as a potential springboard for in-class discussions, group work, and extension activities.



think through math websiteThink Through Math

This fantastic, comprehensive math program supports teachers in tracking student progress and offering students meaningful rewards. What's more, students have access to stellar learning support, including from live teachers on the site.



tynker websiteTynker

Get your kids coding with this cute, colorful coding website. Through playful exploration and a visual coding platform, students will love seeing their skills come to life. The site does a good job of blending the fun and the learning with characters they can customize.



zamzee websiteZamzee - This product is no longer available.

Online gaming meets physical exercise in this kid-centered and fun fitness program. While not entirely designed for school use, the program earns high marks for its flexibility -- teachers will find it easy to adapt. The snappy website and the unique activity meter make exercise fun and motivate kids to keep going.