Avoid Summer Slump with These Tech Recs for Parents

May 14, 2014
Jeff Knutson Senior Manager, Education Content
Common Sense Education

CATEGORIES Out-of-School Learning, Parents and Families, Tools

Teachers: It's almost that time again -- summer vacation beckons! In no time, we'll pack up our classrooms, sign kids' yearbooks, and say our last goodbyes before the final bell rings, sending kids sprinting into the summer sunshine. But before this happens, consider reaching out to parents about the important role of summer learning. We all know kids' learning extends beyond our classrooms, and summer vacation shouldn't be an exception.

Summer learning loss is a serious issue for many kids; it's important for them to keep the ball rolling to capitalize on any gains they've made during the year. For all kids, summer is an important time to learn lifelong skills and make genuine discoveries. Reinforcing kids' core academic skills and stoking kids' desire for interest-driven learning are both important. Summer learning shouldn't neglect one or the other; encourage parents to offer their kids a healthy balance of each.

Speaking of which, here's a fantastic list of summer learning resources for students and parents. You could include some of these resources in an end-of-the-year letter or, better yet, simply share the link with your parent community; it's a ready-made resource for kids of all ages. What's more, all of these suggestions come from our team of education experts, many of whom are teachers and thought leaders in edtech.

While we can all brush up on our core skills from time to time, remember that not all summer learning needs to be purely "academic" in order for kids to reap academic gains the following year. Through meaningful reflection -- with or without media -- the organic experiences that come with summer's freedom can lead to some very deep learning that kids can later apply in school. Last, let's all remember to be mindful of kids' screen time. While learning is a lifelong (and yearlong) pursuit, don't forget that summer's a great time for everyone to relax, recharge, and get outside.