Appy Hour Rewind: ClassDojo

February 20, 2014
Amy Wilson
Common Sense Media
San Francisco, United States
CATEGORIES In the Classroom, Tools

ClassDojo is a handy online tool that helps teachers track and manage student behavior by providing real-time feeback for students on how they're meeting classroom expectations. The tool even makes it easy for teachers to share data with parents. Teachers set the behaviors they want to see, from academic effort to critical thinking to kindness. With so much buzz about the effectiveness of this tool, we wanted to take the time to dive in more deeply and explore its classroom uses.

Hosting this month's Appy Hour is Common Sense Media's senior manager for professional development, Kelly Mendoza. Her guests are Ryan Hill, a 13-year veteran high school science teacher who now serves as district technology integration specialist in Snoqualmie, Wash., and Darryl King, who's been working in after-school organizations for several years and now serves as program manager in Los Angeles for Common Sense Media. In this webinar, Ryan walks us through the key features and functionality of ClassDojo, as well as strategies for using it effectively in the classroom. He discusses how ClassDojo helps teachers reward positive behaviors and decrease time spent on classroom management in favor of instruction.

Darryl shares great insights about how after-school programs can also use ClassDojo. Because those environments have more daily variation in terms of which students are participating in which activities, setting up individual students accounts could get unwieldy. Darryl shares a creative workaround for this at about the 18:00 mark. He also describes how after-school educators can use ClassDojo to help students track homework progress during a homework help session.

To hear all of their insights, watch the webinar here. You can also read Ryan Hill's Field Note about ClassDojo for more ideas.

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