Announcing the #STEMchallenge Winners!

Two exceptional STEM lesson plan and a host of superb runners-up.

October 26, 2015
Tanner Higgin Director, Education Editorial Strategy
Common Sense Education

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Editor's Note: This contest refers to Graphite, the former name of this website.

It's my pleasure to announce the winners of the #STEMchallenge. When we launched this challenge a month ago, we knew it was a high bar. We were looking for teachers to carve time out of their hectic schedules to show us their exceptional STEM lessons integrating tech tools and the Next Generation Science Standards' framework. We didn't quite know what to expect, but, as always, teachers came through with some outstanding learning experiences. Check out our two prize winners and some great runners-up below.

Second Prize, courtesy of Nearpod:
"Where Have All the Glaciers Gone?"

Our second prize -- a one year Nearpod Gold Edition membership and 10 STEM lessons -- goes to Donna Markey for "Where Have All the Glaciers Gone?" Donna's a teacher at Vista Visions Academy, a Graphite Certified Educator, and an absolute star when it comes to technology integration and learning design in STEM. While this lesson -- which gets students to understand climate change by collecting and analyzing evidence of its effects -- scored highest, Donna has a bunch of other lessons shared on Graphite you should check out. 

Grand Prize, courtesy of the Carnegie Corporation: 
"Soccer Kicks: A Real vs. Ideal Projectile Motion Experiment"

Our grand prize -- a $2,000 Amazon gift card -- goes to Lee Cristofano for "Soccer Kicks: A Real vs. Ideal Projectile Motion Experiment." Lee's a teacher at Bethel Park High School, and this Lesson Plan, his first on Graphite, really impressed the judges. It does everything right: hooks students with a compelling topic, blends math with science, gets students out in the world, integrates technology in authentic ways, and gets students thinking -- and acting -- scientifically. It's also implementation-friendly, featuring a great selection of resources, standards alignment, and instructions for both teachers and students.

Honorable Mention

Create. Design. Build. A Maker's Showcase.

Design-Build Challenge! (Force and Motion)

3 Little Pigs Safe House

Some Like It Hot!

Genetically Modified Foods - Should I Be Concerned?

Modeling With Mendel

Roller Coaster POP #STEMchallenge Unit

To Our Solar System and Beyond

Kids Can Code

And if you're interested in browsing all of the qualifying submissions to the contest, check out my board!