Announcing Digital Compass

April 15, 2015
Meredith May Education Marketing Communications Manager

CATEGORIES Digital Citizenship, Digital Literacy, In the Classroom, Students

Common Sense Education’s digital literacy and citizenship resources have played an integral role in addressing the technological revolution that is happening in today’s classrooms. Having touched more than 200,000 teachers who have educated over 5 million students, this forward-thinking program addresses what it’s like to behave responsibly in the digital age.  

Our suite of resources gives educators the tools to introduce reliable, research-based information to students about digital media and its impact. Fostering an organic classroom dialogue goes hand-in-hand with access to interactive activities. The conversation moves beyond the classroom by introducing parent resources and educator development opportunities that help bridge the school-home connection.

After the runaway success of Digital Passport, an interactive that introduces third- to fifth-graders to the fundamental concepts of digital literacy and citizenship, we received numerous requests to create an interactive designed for middle schoolers. We know that this is the age where students are testing limits and boundaries, both online and offline. In response, we are excited to announce our newest interactive for middle schoolers, called Digital Compass.

In the creation of Digital Compass, we utilized the latest research in gamification and learning tools to develop a choose-your-own-adventure interactive experience. Digital Compass invites students to explore digital dilemmas, the process of making good (and not-so-good) choices as well as trying out possible solutions through stories and mini-games, all without risking their real-world reputations.

Similar to Digital Passport, Digital Compass was designed to supplement our award-winning digital literacy and citizenship curriculum, by giving students the opportunity to explore these issues in a fun and digestible manner. Each of the eight stories illustrates the complex twists and turns of topics like Internet Safety, Cyberbullying, Privacy and Security, and Creative Credit. With 50 possible combinations per story, Digital Compass encourages students to reflect upon their daily online decisions.

Digital Compass will complete our suite of resources, which further solidifies our position as the leader in digital literacy and citizenship. We support the 90,000 schools that use this program to learn, grow, and be responsible members of our shared digital world. We promote critical thinking when it comes to media messaging and content creation. We invite you to explore Digital Compass yourself. Find out where you're headed with Digital Compass.