8 Digital Graphing Tools That Top the Charts

March 31, 2015
Kira DeVaul Education Content Assistant


No scientific calculator? No problem! The next generation of graphing tools has arrived -- apps and websites that merge the functionality of a scientific calculator with the fun of digital creation. Math students -- from beginner to advanced -- can use these tools to connect math concepts to concrete, real-world shapes and pictures. Plus, later on down the road, mastering the analytical and visual characteristics of data will give them a huge leg up in many 21st-century careers.

To get kids started down the right path, Desmos and Geogebra feature text and video tutorials explaining how to make graphs, add tables, and use sliders to visualize the concept at hand. For more play and practice, younger kids can dig into Math Snacks: Game Over Gopher, and older kids can explore Quadrant Defender. Both are Web-based games where mastering coordinates and graphing equations are the keys to victory. To take it one step further, the apps Geometry Pad and Isosceles+ allow kids to create free-form sketches or combine lines, circles, cones, and arcs to create complex figures. Any of these fun and functional tools will get kids practicing math -- and playing, too -- as they sketch, visualize, and express their creativity.

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