6 Ways Tech Coordinators Can Use Common Sense Education

Key features and advice for those looking to get the most out of Common Sense Education.

November 25, 2015
Kelly Mendoza Director of Learning and Engagement
Common Sense Education

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As a tech coordinator, you get pulled in a lot of directions. You probably wish you could clone yourself so you could be in several places at once! Well, Common Sense Education can't clone you, but it can help you support the teachers you work with.

Check out six simple ways you can use Common Sense Education to make your job as a tech coordinator easier.

1. Curate tools for teachers.

Common Sense Education makes it easy for you to share recommendations for digital tools with your colleagues. You can save and organize recommended content into "Collections" -- think Pinterest boards but for Common Sense Education content, including tool reviews, lessons, blog articles, and more. When you see something you like on Common Sense Education, you can start a new Collection or add it to an existing one (see more on Common Sense Education). Additionally, if you're looking for quick recommendations on top tools for learning, check out our editors' Top Picks lists.

Tip: You can quickly access your Collections from your profile drop-down menu.
Tip: All Collections you create have a unique URL you can literally copy and paste to share. Also, when you're on a Collection or Top Picks list, you'll see options to share it via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

2. Share subject-specific resources.

It can be a challenge catering to every teacher's subject area and keeping them up to date on the latest and greatest resources. That's where our What's New pages come in. Our pages -- currently for ELA, math, and science -- offer hand-picked tools, tips, and lesson plans by subject. We'll be adding more of these pages in 2016.

Tip: Here's one way you can clone yourself: If your teachers have a question about a tool or teaching practices, these pages offer a discussion forum with expert teachers from the Common Sense Education Certified Educator community. These teachers respond quickly to discussion posts.

3. Find the right tool to support meeting the standards.

I've heard so many tech coordinators swoon when talking about how much they love Common Sense Education's Common Core Explorer, which lets you search for tools by Common Core standard. Just remind teachers that it's not the tools that are meeting the standards -- it's how they're used. Be on the lookout for our Next Generation Science Standards Explorer in 2016.

Tip: Each tool review also shows which Common Core State Standards it supports.

4. Recommend "on demand" learning for teachers.

Common Sense Education's Teacher Center offers a library of teacher resources, including videos, Teaching with Tech mini-lessons, and webinars (live and archived). From helping teachers learn about the SAMR model to helping teachers use video effectively in their teaching, we aim to help teachers learn how to harness the potential of technology in their teaching but not promote "tech for tech's sake."

Tip: You can put together learning collections by saving content in the Teacher Center to a Board and then sharing this with the teachers you work with.

5. Display fresh content 24/7.

You might be responsible for writing a blog post or newsletter to regularly update teachers you work with. Or maybe this is something you want to do but have no time for. Did you know you can embed our blog in any Web page? Just copy and paste our blog widget code onto your support page or into the LMS where teachers access information. This means you'll get the most up-to-date, fresh content right from our blog displayed on your page. How cool is that?

Tip: You'll see on the blog widget code page that you can also embed our blog for parents.

6. Become Common Sense Education-certified.

Earning your Common Sense Education certification is a great way to get recognized for your innovative work supporting tech integration. Once certified, you'll be part of our inspiring community of educators -- many of whom are tech coordinators just like you! Common Sense Education Certified Educators also get valuable tips on how to evaluate digital tools for learning, as well as how to create well-designed, tech-rich lessons. Apply today!

Tip: Encourage teachers to get Common Sense Education-certified as well. It's open to all educators!

What are your favorite ways to use Common Sense Education? Let us know in the comments.