5 Time-Saving Online Grading Tools

November 25, 2014
Kira DeVaul Education Content Assistant

CATEGORIES Professional Development, Tools

When the word “grading” is mentioned, what's the first thought that comes to mind? Tedium? Exhaustion? Anxiety? Or just any word that’s the opposite of fun? Good news! One of the benefits of teaching in the 21st century is access to online grading tools that can take the stress, time, and tedium out of grading.

This week, we’re highlighting five Web-based grading platforms built by teachers, for teachers. With tools like ActiveGrade and JumpRope, data sharing and reporting is at your fingertips -- giving students the opportunity to take ownership of their learning, and teachers the power to target instruction to improve student outcomes. If you want to differentiate a lesson, Goalbook Toolkit features a database searchable by content area, Common Core standard, grade level, and other criteria, which can help teachers support the diversity of needs in their classrooms. All five of our top-rated grading tools remove the anxiety from grading and empower teachers to manage their classrooms and engage, inspire, and teach their students.

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Photo: "Jan 14 A+ Earns a Free Choice Sticker!" by Michelle TeGrootenhuis. Used under Creative Commons CC BY 2.0 License.
Photo: "Clock" by Lee Haywood. Used under Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0 License.

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