4 Photography Apps for a Snappy Summer

July 14, 2014
Mara Gust
Classroom teacher
Greenbush-Middle River Senior High School
Greenbush, MN
CATEGORIES Out-of-School Learning, Tools

Summer is a great time for kids to chill out and be creative. Taking photos is an excellent way for them to experiment with a variety of devices and apps. And digital photography is so kid-friendly.

Instead of waiting for film to come back from a store like in days past, kids can click and view in real time, which encourages them to experiment and take risks. Photography can also be a hobby that feeds kids' imaginations and spurs originality. What's more, kids can express themselves and learn about the world around them in the process of capturing images.

Whether kids are composing a collage of photos from a family vacation or arranging shots of the family pet, there are a variety of great free apps that will help them tap into their inner artists.

Here are four apps that will surely inspire kids to start snapping.

Photo collage apps 
These apps 
make it easy to take photos and turn them into a fun collage or poster. Creations can be saved as a new photo and then added to websites or books, or developed into a print -- whatever you’d like!

  • InstaCollage is a very simple app sure to entice your budding photographers into turning their pics into beautiful artwork. Simply choose a layout, add your photos, and you're done! If you want, photos can be edited, enhanced with stickers or text, or framed to really jazz up the project!
  • Pic Collage is a little more difficult, with more options, but is still no sweat for an upper-elementary or older student. Kids can start with a blank canvas or a template and add their photos, stickers, or text to create a fun medley of photos. Pic Collage also has a print postcard option that, with a parent’s help, allows kids to send real postcards to Grandma or Grandpa right from their devices!

Photo filters and enhancers
Using filters and enhancements is a lot of fun. Kids can turn a so-so beach photo into something really stylish and pretty.

  • Lab allows users to apply filters, text, drawings, frames, stickers, backgrounds, and more. There are also fun features that allow users to put a face on the head of an Egyptian pharaoh, a professional boxer, or a dollar bill. It's an easy-to-use app with tons of features.
  • Photo Sketch is a bit more artsy, with pretty filters and effects like pencil or tonals applied to the photo. This would be a great app to enhance nature or beach scenes, or even some wildlife shots. Both allow photos to be shared and/or saved.

With your encouragement, photography apps like these can help youngsters develop a lifelong photography hobby as well as wonderful memories of their adventures to keep and share.


Photo by Aislinn Ritchie. Used under CC BY-SA 2.0 license.