20 Tools for Teaching and Learning About Diversity

January 20, 2015
Kira DeVaul Education Content Assistant


Difference -- however we might define that -- is good. It makes us who we are, and makes the world wonderful. The picks on this week's list will help students see these basic truths, helping them learn about, understand, and respect other people and cultures.

The Knotted Line, Mission US: Flight to Freedom and Mission US: A Cheyenne Odyssey let kids explore the concepts of freedom and oppression through the lens of U.S. history. To focus more on race and racism, check out Facing History and Ourselves. For learning about gender and feminism, try Curating Change. Or if you want a more comprehensive approach to diversity issues, you can't go wrong with Teaching Tolerance.

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Photo: "graffiti in Chisinau" by the Kamen Tabakov. Used under Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0 License.