2 Versatile News Readers for Teachers and Students

Who says print is dead? These tools bring current events articles to life in the classroom.

January 22, 2015
Michelle Norman
Classroom teacher
Lebanon Senior High School
Lebanon, United States
CATEGORIES In the Classroom, Tools

Finding high-quality nonfiction is of particular interest to ELA teachers, especially as school districts work to fully incorporate Common Core standards. Countless edtech apps and websites have that "wow factor" to hook students into meaningful learning while also satisfying the Common Core. With so many exciting apps and digital resources out there, it's not surprising that we often overlook the newspaper articles that were once our nonfiction staples. 

Good news! With the advent of many wonderful digital readers, ELA teachers no longer need to choose between the great connection opportunities that newspaper articles deliver and the engaging hook of digital media. I suggest ELA teachers reclaim current events by including one or two digital readers in their everyday instruction -- News360 and Both provide relevant and timely news articles based on the reader’s interest, which makes them great for both reluctant readers and advanced students. -- If you ever wished you could edit your own newspaper sources, ensuring students get exactly what they need, may be your answer. Not only does allow you to become the editor of your digital paper (by choosing the sources and content of the news feed), you can also invite others to follow and view your paper online.

News360 -- If your interest in using current events lies more with a student-centered approach, (or the convenient app version) could be a solution to using digital news feeds. News360 provides students with the content they want to see, making this a great way to turn kids on to nonfiction and current events.

In addition to these digital news feeds, a number of other great resources provide articles ranging from headline news to the humanities. Let’s welcome current events, specifically digital news feeds, back to our classrooms!

Photo: "The Kindle New York Times" by Brian Dewey. Used under a CC BY-NC 2.0 license.

What tools do you or your students use for studying current events? Tell us in the comments below!