13 Apps and Websites for Improving Parent-Teacher Communication

Find out how to connect with parents in a simple, efficient way.

August 25, 2015
Kira DeVaul Education Content Assistant

CATEGORIES Parents and Families, Tools

Phone calls, emails, and overbooked parent-teacher conferences are some of the more familiar ways to connect with parents. But these options aren't always the most productive. The apps and websites featured this week offer instant, practical, and simple ways to keep parents updated and students engaged in their learning.

So this year, do you want to:

  • Discuss topics and spur collaboration with parents and students? Check out Collaborize Classroom.
  • See a visual timeline of your students' progress that you can share with parents? Give ClassDojo a try.
  • Reach parents quickly and securely, while engaging your students, too? Head to Remind or ClassDojo Messenger.
  • Create a classroom blog or website to get students writing and parents reading? Try Edublogs or Blogger for blogs, Google Sites or Weebly for websites.
  • Adopt a multipurpose tool to send announcements to parents, handle grading, and be a digital portfolio for your students?  Check out FreshGrade.
  • Repurpose a tool you're (likely) already familiar with? Use Twitter to  get information out to connected parents and students.

To see more recommendations for this list as well as the rating of each app or website, visit the Top Picks List: 


Cathy Hink
Classroom teacher
Moorlands Elementary School
Kenmore, WA

The Seesaw app for learning portfolios has  transformed our school-home partnerships.  With this app I as a teacher or my students merely take a photo, take a video, add a note, create an audio comment, annotate pdf's an pictures and as I as the teacher add to a child's Seesaw portfolio,  their parents, simultaneously get an email message with a link to their child's work.  This creates a seamless and elegant way to collaborate with parent, save a child's work,    inform instruction,  progress over time, work with specialists or include admin in the case of showing evidence for an evaluation or IEP, etc.  Parents  LOVE this way of communication and so do I because it saves me time in writing emails in an attempt to capture and communicate both gains or challenges.  This is a MUST HAVE app for teachers in K-6 classes.  Go to this web site to learn more:


Sajid Kalla

How about Classtree? I am the founder and we carefully made it for 100% paperless communication even for consents and signatures. Teachers can simply capture and share PDF or photo with a sign holder, email a link through the existing channel to communicate.

Classtree verifies parents and collects signature. 

Teacher just have to visit the results page and download all the consents with embedded signatures.  It is super easy and could save around 2-2.5 hours a day from sorting and filtering paper forms in the school bag. I strongly recommend this app.

Parents can sign even without a smart phone!


James Gosling
Special education instructor
Focus Learning/Se Columbus High School
Columbus, OH

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Sandeep Srivastava

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