10 Must-Have Tools for Schools Implementing 1:1

April 02, 2013
CATEGORIES Common Sense Resources, Digital Citizenship, Digital Literacy, In the Classroom

As schools grapple with implementing 1:1 programs (one device for every student), these ten new tools can make the process easier and more inclusive. The tools are part of Common Sense Media’s new 1-to-1 Essentials Program, which is free to those who register.

  1. Acceptable Use Policy Guidance | Today’s educators have the tough job of maintaining the delicate balance of protecting students while providing access to the digital world. Educators need to be comprehensive yet not limiting when creating a stimulating but safe learning environment. This tool provides a comprehensive guide to creating an AUP.
  2. Support System Chart | This charting tool offers a way to keep track of who is responsible for instructional planning decisions and tech-related issues at a school and/or district level.
  3. Starter Kit of Recommended Apps | Involve teachers from the start with these suggested apps and websites.
  4. Q&A for Families Tool | This tool offers prompts to help schools create a customized Q&A for families about the 1-to-1 Essentials Program and rollout.
  5. Interactive Lesson-Planning Calendar | Use this tool to layout your digital literacy and citizenship curriculum for the year.
  6. Tips for Managing iPads and Tablets | From best practices for using iPads in the classroom to repurposing a dish rack for storage, this Pinterest board offers innovative ideas for managing iPads and tablets.
  7. Care and Maintenance Posters for the Classroom | These posters will help remind students about proper handling and care of 1:1 devices.
  8. Student “Boot Camps" | Design an onboarding experience to introduce students to 1:1 devices.
  9. Customizable Device Contracts and Family Media Agreements | Encourage families to use this customizable contract and media agreements to talk with kids about responsible media use.
  10. EdTech Glossary | Tech talk can be baffling for those not immersed in digital worlds. This glossary can help demystify terms and ideas associated with these new classroom technologies.

The 1-to-1 Essentials Program provides interactive and customizable tools for schools to prepare and execute a program that is consistent with their mission, culture, and goals. The free program also includes resources that highlight best practices from 1:1 educators, some of whom helped with the development of the program.

Check out the new program! We'd love to get your input - comment below or send us a note at [email protected].