How to Address the Climate Change Debate in Your Classroom

On the eve of the March for Science, support students' critical-thinking skills and stand up for good science.
As a former middle school science teacher, I don't envy today's teachers in tackling the subject of climate change. This is a topic that scientists and science educators almost unanimously agree is a dire threat to our planet but, among some politicians, is still up for debate. What are teachers to do when the science says one thing but our students turn on the TV and hear something else? In the Obama era, the government was forthcoming about its belief in the threat of global ... Read more
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Empower ELLs with Classroom Tech

Read how one teacher supported her students’ language acquisition by providing authentic, meaningful learning opportunities.
Three years ago, the English-language learners (ELLs) program at the elementary school where I teach switched from a pullout program to a push-in program. This meant that instead of sending our English ... Read more
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