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Receive a Common Sense Educator Care Package!

Share your ideas on Common Sense Education to inspire other teachers, and you'll be entered into our monthly drawing to win a Common Sense Education care package. Get started today!

Ryan Diyommo | April 19, 2016

Are you interested in helping other educators integrate technology in their classrooms? Is it something you would do for free? What if you could win something just for being the incredible, helpful person you are?

Well, you're in luck! Starting this month, Common Sense will be giving away an educator care package to three random users who share their ideas on Common Sense Education (formerly Graphite). Care packages will include a Common Sense Education T-shirt (pictured in the feature image of this post), stylus pen, and sticker. Some care packages may even include extra goodies, such as a Common Sense Education water bottle to help you stay hydrated while you change the world one student at a time.

Each month, if you help other educators in one of the following ways, you'll be entered in a drawing to win one of three educator care packages.

1. Write a Teacher Review of a digital tool.

Click on the Reviews and Ratings tab on the top navigation bar of any Common Sense Education page to find all the digital learning tools we rate. If you can't find a specific tool you've used, you can always search for it. Once you find a tool you want to review, click the Write Review button in the top right-hand corner of the page to share your experience. Not sure how to get started? Learn how in our blog post "5 Easy Steps to Writing a Teacher Review."

2. Create a complete, tech-rich Lesson Plan.

To create an original Lesson Plan, just click the Lesson Plans tab on the top navigation bar of any Common Sense Education page. Once you're on the Lesson Plan page, just click the Create Your Own Lesson Plan button (it's big and green -- you can't miss it!) to input your lesson. You can find more information on creating an all-star Lesson Plan in our blog post "Teachers, Meet Tech-Rich Lesson Plans."

Happy sharing! We hope to be sending you a Common Sense Educator care package of your own in no time.

Official Drawing Rules

See the official rules of this ongoing monthly drawing.