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New Accessibility Features on iBooks and Digital Compass

We've updated two of our core resources for students with learning differences.

Ryan Diyommo | October 13, 2016

We know that all students learn differently. That's why we've added new accessibility features to two of our core student-facing resources. Here's how we've updated our resources.

Digital Compass

The videos in Digital Compass, our interactive digital citizenship game for students in grades 6-8, now have closed-captioning. To see the closed-captioning, all students need to do is mute the video they're watching. It's that simple.

These videos are also hosted on BrainPOP, a website that teaches students about a wide range of challenging topics through video. You can find our Digital Compass videos on BrainPOP here.

Digital Citizenship Curriculum on iBooks

The videos in our iBooks textbooks now have closed-captioning, too, making them accessible for all types of student learning.  

We take accessibility seriously because we want to make sure that all students have the same learning opportunities. Let us know if there are any other accessibility features we can add to our student offerings by emailing [email protected].