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EdTech Quick Take: Educreations vs. Explain Everything

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A teacher-focused showdown between two top-rated interactive whiteboard and screencasting apps.

Tanner Higgin | August 14, 2015

Few teaching and learning tools are as useful as whiteboards. (And for those of us who love chalk, dust, and the occasional spine-rattling squeak: blackboards.) It’s the simplicity, elegance, and versatility of whiteboards that make them nearly ubiquitous in classrooms everywhere. It’s no surprise, then, that reviews of interactive whiteboards get some of the most traffic on Common Sense Education.

Here’s the thing, though: Because interactive whiteboards are so popular, there are a lot of good ones out there -- it can be tough to tell what makes one app different from another. It’s especially tough now that most offer a screencasting feature, something that used to be a big differentiator.

In this episode of our EdTech Quick Take series,  we chose two top-rated interactive whiteboard and screencasting apps: Educreations and Explain Everything.

Both apps nail the basics of the genre, making it easy to create, narrate, and share dynamic presentations. In terms of features, they’re pretty neck and neck, so the devil is really in the details. From design to price to platform, there are a lot of small but significant differences to consider. What are they? Check out the video above to see how each app stacks up!

And if you're already a fan of Educreations or Explain Everything, please tell us what you think in the comments below. If you've found others to be useful, you can let us know about that, too!

Editor's Note: This video refers to Graphite, the former name of this website.