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Apply to be a Common Sense Media Certified Educator or School

Amy Wilson | March 3, 2014

Editor's Note: Since this article was published, we've updated our certification program. Get the most up-to-date information here.

As you may know, in September, Common Sense Media launched the Certified Schools and Educators program to recognize the extraordinary achievements of schools and educators teaching digital literacy and citizenship to students, staff, and families. Today, we are pleased to announce the certification program for our site, Graphite™Graphite is a free service we built for teachers that cuts through the clutter and surfaces the best digital products for the classroom. Certified Educators on Graphite have contributed high-quality Field Notes about apps, games, and websites they're using in the classroom.

Consult ratings and reviews on Graphite, written by our team of expert educators and based on a detailed rubric, and then add your own voice to the conversation by submitting reviews called Field Notes. They provide specific examples of student experiences with products, and deepen the conversation around integrating technology into the classroom. 

We are now accepting applications from educators interested in contributing high-quality Field Notes throughout the year as members of an exceptional group we call Common Sense Media Certified Educators: Graphite

This group is composed of educators who are deeply knowledgeable about and actively using a range of technologies with students.

Are you ready to share valuable insights with a global audience? If you have significant experience teaching with technology and are excited to share your expertise with others, we want you to apply to be a Graphite Certified Educator.  

"I find it so valuable to share my knowledge of technology resources because it allows me time to reflect on my usage and goals for student learning."
- Lisa LaBrake, Common Sense Educator: Graphite Certified.

Throughout the year you will share your reviews of apps, websites, and games, and write a blog post. You’ll receive $25 to purchase apps and a $150 gift card when you’ve completed the year’s requirements.

Admission is rolling, so apply at any time during the 2014 calendar year.

To learn more and to apply, go to