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6 Best Business and Finance Games

Help kids see the value of money and how it's managed.

Ellen Holderman | January 17, 2014

It's Top-Pick List Friday! This week, we are featuring the best business and finance games. Get kids into the habit of saving money from a young age. From balancing the federal budget to managing their own business, these games will help kids see the value of money and how it's managed.

To see the most updated version of this list as well as the rating of each app, game, or website, visit the Top Picks List: 


dinorama app

In this fun, project-based learning experience, students practice decision-making, learn some economics, and see the consequences of their actions. Teachers can use this great simulation game to teach lessons on entrepreneurship and money management, although the overall lesson might be how to multitask. Read full review.

build-a-lot game

LeapFrog Explorer Learning Game: LeapSchool Reading is a game that helps reinforce early reading skills. The game teaches a variety of early reading skills including rhyming words, word recognition, and homonyms. Read full review.

gazillionaire game

Kids will be engaged enough to apply the information they learn to make good business decisions -- and that's teaching them how to succeed. Gazillionaire! starts off simply and gradually introduces more complex concepts. Read full review.

simcity game

Players learn about city management by trying different things and learning from the outcomes. The game lets kids quickly attain a relatively high amount of success so they'll want to keep playing. They respond to visual and textual data to make decisions that relate to happiness, property value, taxation, and spending. Read full review.

icivics website

Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor founded iCivics to reverse a decline in civic knowledge and help kids better understand and respect the U.S. government. Sixteen games cover core topics like citizenship, rights, the court system, governance, freedom of speech, and constitutional law. Read full review.

budget hero website

Budget Hero - This product is no longer available.
Budget Hero is a browser-based game that illustrates how U.S. federal budget money is spent. Players view the effect their spending increases and decreases will have on the U.S. budget deficit, surplus, and debt level over the next decade. Read full review.


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