Everyone makes mistakes when writing. Sometimes, those mistakes are just simple typos; other times, they're the result of grammar skills that need polishing or updating. The more writers -- and emerging writers -- know about how grammar works, the more clear, concise, and effective communicators they'll be.

We've identified 13 of the best tools for encouraging and supporting grammar practice and improving grammar skills. Our choices include websites like NoRedInk, which lets kids practice grammar and punctuation skills using pop-culture terms they choose themselves. Adding another layer of fun, Flocabulary and Grammaropolis use music and animations to increase engagement and bring grammar to life. When it comes to grammar practice, what's more fun than games? GrammarPop is a pop-the-words game that helps students learn parts of speech and build confidence in their grammar abilities. Grammar practice may be many students' definition of boring, but the addition of music, pop culture, games, and animations to the mix can quickly grab their interest and change that perception.  

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Kira D.

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