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App review by Dana Villamagna, Common Sense Education | Updated April 2013
The Electric Company Party Game: Lost On Prankster Planet

The Electric Company Party Game: Lost on Prankster Planet

Collaborative board game gets kids interacting, thinking, and laughing

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English Language Arts, Math, Communication & Collaboration, Critical Thinking

Pros: Gameplay requires real-life talking, moving, and laughing, as well as some math problem-solving.

Cons: There's no single-player option, and you can't shorten game length.

Bottom Line: Another top-quality, ultra-fun educational product from the creative minds at The Electric Company.

This app plays very much like a traditional board game and, as a result, is perfect for more active times in the classroom or during a rainy indoor recess or in after-school care, when kids want to play a fun game and you still want them to be practicing some learning skills. For these instances, The Electric Company Party Game is an ideal choice. It could also be a fun reward during math class, as it focuses primarily on math-related questions and problem-solving.

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Editor's Note: The Electric Company Party Game: Lost on Prankster Planet is longer available.

The Electric Company Party Game: Lost on Prankster Planet is a fast-paced board game app that gets kids interacting in real life. Created for 2-12 players, this turn-taking game focuses on math and literacy skills but also includes silly physical challenges like balancing a crumpled paper ball on your head and dancing for 10 seconds.

During gameplay, the device should remain on a table in the middle of the players because it acts as a shared digital board complete with an in-app spinner and place markers. Listen to the intro, then choose the number of players on your team. Choose an Electric Company show character to play for and then, turn by turn, answer the game's questions to move forward on the game board. Some questions require simple tapping of the answer on the screen, while others require players to do some physical action or ask questions of other players. Game pieces move on their own on the board, and the game leads players through each turn and related task. For example, one player may need to put numbered jelly beans in order, while another turn may require a kid to poll other players about their favorite color and chart it on a graph.

As teams move along the game board, kids practice basic math and literacy skills, learning collaboration and turn-taking, as well as how to play a classic-style board game. The mini-games and activities that make up each turn include questions about shapes, graphing, money, sequencing, probability, asking questions, and following (sometimes very silly) directions.

While this game moves along rapidly, it can take quite a while to complete the entire board. Especially if many students (up to 12) are playing, the poll-taking questions and answers and the graphing can take much longer than just a tap or two on the screen. Still, it's well worth that extra time. The Electric Company Party Game: Lost on Prankster Planet gives kids a solid educational experience wrapped in a fun-filled package. It gets them thinking and moving, talking and laughing in a collaborative way.

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Players must engage in real-life collaboration to progress in the game -- it's silly fun that they'll love. Design is bold and colorful, and it's a blast to explore the board.


Kids stretch their minds and bodies as they work with teammates to solve problems, ask questions of each other, and follow physical activity directions.


The game gives verbal instructions during every turn. Kids can repeat the instructions or get a hint for each turn. Brief written instructions are provided for parents, teachers, and other facilitators.

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Dana Villamagna Classroom teacher

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Jennifer A. , Classroom teacher
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I'm glad I used the app and will use it again next year, but probably only once in a year. It didn't generate enough excitement and interest in my students that they want to play again. It was a better way to review math concepts than a worksheet. I wish there were some differentiation options. We initially started to play on an iPad mini purchased in the spring of 2014 (so 1 model removed from the newest) but the sound wasn't working even though sound was fine on other apps. We switched to an iPad 2 an ...
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