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Super Why! ABC Adventures
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Super Why! ABC Adventures

Fun filled games use multiple strategies to teach the alphabet

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Pros: Creative games address letter learning from different angles, engaging kids' varying ways of learning and understanding.

Cons: More adaptability in the learning design, and suggestions for off-screen extensions would be nice additions.

Bottom Line: Nice interactive elements that approach letter learning from multiple angles provide kids with in-depth letter exploration.

Super Why! ABC Adventures is best used by Individual kids for practice with letters. Teachers can have kids use the app for general letter exploration. However, since kids can't choose which letters to focus on, teachers won't want to align play with lessons on any particular letter.

Games are short and have clear, natural conclusions, so they provide easy breaks to signal the appropriate time to quit and do another activity, or pass the game on to another student. The progress tracker is a nice way to see how many times kids have identified each uppercase and lowercase letter by name and sound. However, if kids share devices this information is not particularly helpful as there isn't a way to have multiple accounts. Kids may want to share or display their treasure collections, or the sticker artwork they create as they complete the games.

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Kids can join the Super Why characters on a letter-exploration adventure. Kids choose from five games, each led by a different character. Within each game, kids identify letters by their names or the sounds they make, and then see words that contain or start with those letters. They'll also connect dots by alphabetical order to reveal a treasure, identify multiple items that start with a particular letter, or follow a trail of dog bones to practice writing letters.

The games may cover upper case letters, lower case letters, or a combination of both. Kids can earn treasures as they complete games which they can use as stickers to decorate a variety of "international" scenes in a world map. Kids can also watch and sing along with a few alphabet song videos. Grown ups can see a progress report that details how many times kids identified upper and lower case letters by name or sound.

Super Why! ABC Adventures is a set of fun and creative games. The games shine in that they explore the relatively narrow topic of letters, but from different angles in a way that helps reinforce learning. Kids identify letters and practice alphabetical order by moving their hands in the correct way to write out each one. They also explore the words that letters form -- all of these aspects come together to help kids learn and understand the alphabet.

Throughout the games, kids collect stickers which helps them see how much progress they've made. It would be nice, though, to see a few more options to customize the experience. This would be especially helpful for teachers who use this app with multiple kids. For instance, nice additions might include: multiple accounts (so more than one kid can play), increasing levels of difficulty that grow as kids begin to master the letters, or a way to focus on particular -- more challenging -- letters.

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Kids will appreciate the likeable characters and the variety of fun activities. They'll stay engaged as they collect stickers to use in various settings from their Map of the World.


Letter names and sounds are reinforced in a variety of ways. Kids also practice writing, exploring objects that start with certain letters, and using letters to make words. Unfortunately, games don't adapt as kids progress.


Play is easy and self-explanatory. Kids get helpful hints when they choose the wrong answer, and they can see progress as their sticker collection grows. Aside from the progress tracker, there aren't extensions or parent tips.

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Jason G. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Great App for Early Literacy!
I believe this app is great for individual practice and reinforcing early basic skills. Lots of pre-schoolers and lower elementary school kids watch Super Why, so many kids are engaged as soon as the open the app. I really like the fact that it offers something for beginning readers at different levels. Because of that, parents and teachers should be able to use the app with children for a while, letting them move to different games as they progress and their skills develop. One of my few complaints ...
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