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Imaginative application for learning concepts of fractions and area

Heddi C.
Discovery Learning Center
Santa Cruz, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts
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Slice It! is a puzzle game that uses both students' understanding of area and their understanding of fractional parts of a whole to solve slicing problems. Students are give increasingly complex shapes on a gridded background, a goal for the number of evenly sized shapes to be created, and a specific number of slices which must be used to solve the puzzle.

Some shapes are standard fractional parts (for instance, a circle cut in wedges), others require you to think creatively about how the shape can be split into congruent slices (for instance, an S shape that can be cut with carefully placed slices), and some require you to think more about area than about fractional parts (for instance, a pine tree shape that must be cut in eighths).

This game is excellent for developing students' spatial sense as well as providing an application for concepts of fractions and area.

It would be best used as an enrichment activity during the study of area and fractions.

Set up is easy and a set of introductory screens show everything you need to know about drawing the slice lines on the shapes.