Teacher Review for Quizlet

A Perfect App to Teach Vocabulary

Cathie G.
Classroom teacher
Dorseyville Middle School
Pittsburgh, United States
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My Students Liked It Yes
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I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Great for Homework
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Great with Advanced learners
Low literacy
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How I Use It
I use Quizlet to post all of my vocabulary words for reading and ELA classrooms. My middle school students use the APP daily to study for vocabulary exams. Students can also explore topics of their interest to learn anything. To create a list of words and establish a link, I would highly recommend working from a computer. When students access the link through the APP they can study the words as flash cards, play a timed matching game, or type the word when the definition is flashed. Students can create an account for Quizlet or they also have the freedom to search your sets using the 'users' feature. I would highly recommend establishing a user name that students can easily associate with finding you as it can be difficult to find a teacher using the search feature. The teacher can make a 'Class' allowing students to create an account. Before a student can access your words, they will need your approval to join your class. It can be difficult for the teacher to realize a student is waiting approval, and this can hinder their studying. Also, the feature can be easily 'unchecked' on the student end making them think they are waiting approval to join the class when they aren't actual in your queue. The web based Quizlet feature offers more features on the student and teacher end.
My Take
Quizlet is a great App for students to prepare for vocabulary type tests. It allows quick access and gives them confidence to learn vocabulary on their mobile devices. Since the development of Quizlet, the amount of sets have grown and allows teachers a starting point to look for words when starting a new literature unit. The web based version also allows you to combine sets so you can build and have students continually practice vocabulary throughout the year. Before starting with Quizlet, it is important to explore the site and grasp how you want to name your sets. Organizing and planning ahead will avoid you having to go back and rename sets. Teaching students a way to find your sets (although links can be embedded right onto most learning management systems) will help avoid confusion.